January 9, 2011

Curves in all the wrong places ...

So maybe you've gained a few kilo's over the festive season and you are not sure how to address these 'issues' in your wardrobe. Some tools to help you look good until you've shed the extra kilo's :

Tip # 1 . Wear a good push-up bra.
It will lift your bust and lengthen your torso to create a slimmer silhouette.

Tip # 2 . For a bit of a tummy, wear tops that skim, rather than cling. Tunic tops which are very much in fashion now will work great over darker coloured pants. For best results wear similar or matching colours top and bottom, an unbroken line will look more streamlined.

 Tip # 3 . Do NOT wear high (turtle/ poloneck) or frilly, ruffled necklines or bold graphic prints.

Tip # 4 . Do wear tummy control panties, a ruched 1-piece swimsuit, smaller prints, cross-over and v-neck tops and jerseys, statement jewellery and big sunglasses.

January 8, 2011

new year, new features

InBloom has great plans for 2011 to empower each and every woman with knowledge about how to dress better! You can look forward to posts about body image, tips on how to dress for different body types, fashion tips, new trends and many more. Here's to a fabulous and stylish new year!