February 27, 2011

Tidy up your wardrobe :

What your wardrobe SHOULD look like ...

My dear friend, Maria Janse Van Rensburg, is probably one of THE best dressed people I have ever met. Besides her minute frame and extraordinary well chosen sense of personal style, she keeps her wardrobe neat, organized (colour coded and garment-types together) - which I believe adds to her ability to dress so well.

Some easy wardrobe tips:
1. A clear and visible method of storing clothes is vital; if something is hidden away it's too easy to forget that you own it
2. You need to have a full-length mirror : how else can you tell if the proportions of an outfit work or what shoes will look best with it?
3. Do not hang knits as they will stretch out of shape. Fold them and stack in piles, the heaviest ones at the bottom.
4. Scented drawer liners/ sachets or fabric softener refill packs will keep your clothes smelling fresh. Use especially if you like antique wardrobes.
5. Keep a laundry basket next to your wardrobe or inside your closet. Put creased or dirty clothes straight into the bin. Everything inside your wardrobe should be clean, pressed and ready to wear.

If you need help with organizing your wardrobe or need more advice & tips, send an email to info@inbloom.co.za


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