August 18, 2011

InBloom in Pins

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August 17, 2011

Behind InBloom lies Inspiration in the form of Friends

I've had many mails, messages, tweets & mentions (thanx! keep them coming to - I LOVE hearing all your wardrobe questions and receiving all your pics!) and I thought it good to post something about my inspiration(s) for InBloom. Most of it comes from my beautiful, fashionista-friends and I want to introduce them all to you!

Salomie is a local Couture Designer and one of my BFF's since 2003. A hardworking, creative mind with a stunning figure and a big heart = a gorgeous lady with loads of style. Love her to bits.

Maria is the person with the most delicate figure: she has porcelain skin (no really!) and THE best wardrobe EVER. She's also a talented artist - which means she paints unreal, makes the best pottery items and designs jewelry and bags to die for.

Now Karin has THE best skin in the business. She has a very developed personal style and always makes me think that she would probably be bff's with Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel. They would have tea, smoke long cigarettes and laugh about the silliness of men.

August 2, 2011

Whats happening at InBloom?

Well . . . A LOT! That's for sure!

Our Corporate Client (ProjectWorks) : We're about to finish off with the last two ladies and then start stylin' the men out of their mismatched socks!

One of the pretty girls @ProjectWorks' "Personal Style" development board:  LOVES it! Next consult = Friday, where we will discuss how she can implement this look into her wardrobe by choosing styles in each item that will best suit her body type.

Our website ( : We're busy re-doing the site and paying more attention to our online presence. Watch this space for a post to when the site will be up and running.

Our retail side: Sales are looking good. We currently have a promotion where you receive a free kids eating set when you order a Lou Harvey Kids Backpack and a Lou Harvey Lunch Box Cooler for R450.
We're also planning a beach bag  promotion to launch Spring...

and we're partnering with Salomie Fourie Couture for another Wedding Wish function, where InBloom's Lou Harvey and Thandana bags (maybe even our own brand if we can manage it by then!) will be showcased with her new swimwear range on 21 September 2011. Email me for tickets . .
Our Thandana Leather messengers are also selling like hot cake - especially because (once again) #MAJAH ;) trend for Spring/ Summer 2011/ 2012.

On a personal note: I've got the flu...but all will be well. Really enjoying all my beauty treats, treatments and products from Chianti Skin, Body and Slimming Clinic here in Lynnwood. Cut my hair today : the long bob (another #MAJAH trend for Summer 2012) and looking forward to riding on the Gautrain soon.

Regards, Madeline