October 13, 2011

Hi. I'm Madeline & THIS is my job

Yes... my job is to blog about my job - my day job as an Image Consultant and professional Wardrobe Planner.

Now I hear you ask (just as many before you have asked): "What is the difference between Image Consulting and Wardrobe Planning? Is it not the same thing?" This is my answer:

NO! No, no, no!!!

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An Image Consultant is a professional trained to, by taking all factors about you (like your age, demographics, lifestyle, budget, figure type & personal colouring) into consideration, help you develop a personal style. This includes hairstyles and make-up looks that would suit YOU best. Image consultations takes a great deal of insight into who you are and how you choose to be perceived by those who come into contact with you.

Wardrobe planning, on the other hand, is the art of strategically translating your style to your closet.
A wardrobe planner plans all elements of an outfit for you to create outfit combinations with ease. She does seasonal reviews and adjusts your wardrobe to suit both your evolving personal style needs as well as seasonal requirements.
She helps simplify your wardrobe - and by simplify I mean : help you create a versatile wardrobe with just the right amount of items that still keeps your wardrobe a workshop of ideas and an uncluttered space in your home.

That's the best description for these two job titles I could come up with.

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