October 1, 2011

more blog, less talk

I'm sorry. I am. I've neglected my blog ... but as of today I will try my hardest to make daily (or at least every other day) posts about my blessed and interesting life as someone working in the image industry.

Meeting women who eagerly want to make changes to the way they look, having beautiful friends and selling beautiful things surely has its perks - you are never short of inspiration, motivation or ambition to try new things.

All this said, I want to try making my blog entries more like real life diary-entries, for the public. You can expect long or short reports on all things InBloom, all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle - from my perspective. Posts on all things related to my personal battle to eat super-healthy foods, drink my super-supplements, growing my hair until it hangs over my boobs and also, finding a muse to motivate me to get 'gym' back on my to-do list for every day...

But here's a toast to having a "WILL" to do all of this.
And where there's a will...there's a way!

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