October 27, 2011

Style Yourself Thursdays

The days are flying by and I'm not getting to my blog as much as I want to! With planning Miya's 1st birthday party (yes, a year has gone by at the speed of light!), I've neglected sharing my style & shopping habits and the "condition of my skin" with the world ;)

With so many events to look forward to on the social calender, it is with sadness that this year is coming to an end. It has been such a good year. InBloom has been blessed beyond what I could ever have planned for year number 2 of it's formal existence and I feel overwhelmed by all that's going on and the potential that it has.

Which brings me to my idea for tonights' post: The Male Body Type.
Up until very recently, I had no idea that there were male figure/ body types.
After hours of research and many GB's of downloads and videos, I've found that there are three main male body types and their respective descriptions are as follow:

The ECTOMORPH is your typical skinny guy. They have a light build with smaller joints and leaner muscles. Usually Ectomorphs have longer limbs, but you do find many shorter 'versions' of this body type. Their shoulders tend to be thin with little width. They find it hard to gain weight due to their fast metabolisms.
Typical traits:
Small frame & bone structure | Linear bodies | Flat chest | Small shoulders | Thin naturally | Lean muscle mass.

The MESOMORPH has a larger bone structure, larger muscles and a naturally athletic appearance. These body types find it easy to gain and lose weight and are naturally stronger.
Typical traits:
Athletic | Defined muscles | Rectangular body shape or broader shoulders & narrower waist | Medium boned | Lower fat levels naturally.

The ENDOMORPH body type is solid with larger bones and more "soft" as they gain fat very easily, especially in the abdominal area. Endomorphs are usually of a shorter build with thicker arms and legs. In many Endomorphs, the leg muscles are extremely strong.
Typical traits:
Increased fat storage, especially in the mid-section | Rounded face, trunk & thighs | Larger bone structure.

Most men will find that they are a combination of either mesomorph & endomorph or mesomorph & ectomorph. These body types can be altered with regard to fat and muscle by diet and exercise.

While you take the time to get to know your body type throughout the coming week, you can look forward to a post on which styles to wear & which styles to avoid for each male body type in the weeks to come. Starting with the Ectomorph. Next Thursday. 

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