March 12, 2012

domestic bliss (part 1)

I've been blessed to have had a great domestic worker work for me in my house for the past 3 years. For those who know me and have seen her would tell you that she has a massive figure - and a heart in matching size ;)
Unfortunately, due to the changing dynamics of my household, and my growing family (yes, baby nr 3 is on his/ her way!!!) I had to let Liesbet go... She just cannot work 5 days a week as she is older and looks after her son.

So upon waving her goodbye through rivers of tears, I had to embark on finding a replacement. It's almost been two weeks and what a journey. I'm currently "training" my new help, who goes by the name Betty. She works for me 5 days and once we move into a new and bigger place, she'll probably sleep in as well. Which will make life much easier  -  freeing up time to spend with my pretty kiddies and on InBloom's growth.

If anybody would like Liesbet to help you out twice a week, please contact me. She's a VERY hard worker and any household would be lucky to have her. 

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