March 16, 2012

my experience with fats

I've spent years reducing the fat in my diet. Everything with the words "low", "free", "diet", "less", and "zero" found itself into my shopping basket and into my kitchen cupboards.

That was up until recently.

I started digging and started reading up on animal fats and vegetable fats and all the types of chemical structures that make fats "good" and "bad"...

Bottom line, since adding raw, animal fats back into my diet (raw full cream milk,  real butter made only from cows milk & cream) and since using coconut oil freely when cooking and using olive oil over salads, I've not gained a single gram! In fact, besides feeling healthier, having more energy AND being pregnant (and making NO other lifestyle changes), I've lost a few kilo's!

This is my experience and I would not be me if I didn't share it.

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