March 26, 2012

trend alert: the peplum

The hip-accentuating peplum is springing from dresses, jackets and pants - thanks to high-end designers including Giorgio Armani, Celine and Jason Wu.
Peplum styles were last prominent in the 1980s, accompanied by big shoulders. The word itself, peplum, traces its roots to Greece. Peplos referred to a tunic or long garment with a flap of fabric folded and belted around the waist worn in ancient Greece.
This time around the peplum trend is coming in easy-to-wear separates...
How to wear your peplum:
Peplum tops / jackets: simple to throw over a sleek pencil skirt, skinny jeans and slim pants. For the brave at heart fashionista, team your peplum top/ jacket with or a slouchy pair of trousers and ankle boots.
Peplum skirts: wear with a fitted top, preferably tucked in at the waist. Having too much fabric will add bulk, which is not the desired effect of wearing the peplum.
Peplum dresses: wear with stockings and a heel or ankle boots. Avoid any boots or shoes with too much detail or bulk of its own.
Now, although I absolutely adore the peplum-trend....
...You will not see me wearing it this season. I might just look extremely awkward with a baby bump sticking out from underneath the flap ;) As soon as I have my pre-baby figure back, I'll be stocking up on tops and at least one jacket. x

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