June 5, 2012

What's for dinner

I've been SO busy that blogging has taken the back seat for some time now... May was our best financial month to date, thank you to all my pretty friends for their continued support and for all your referrals! I absolutely LOVE it!

So recently, my Miya was hospitalized with the stupid RSVirus, and like any other normal mother, I immediately blamed myself for not being more attentive to washing her hands, protecting her from germs and not giving her more healthy foods to eat.

Now look, I'm no chef. I used to like cooking, but lately it's been... "dead" to me. My new commitment is to spending more time in the kitchen.... be it on the floor playing with my little ones, cooking/ baking up a storm, or perhaps just doing the odd dish or 12.

So what's for dinner tomorrow night? "Pork Fillet with Cream and Mushrooms".
Will keep you posted on user friendly dishes I come across. For the time being I'm LOVING the June/ July issue of the Sarie Kos (http://www.sarie.com/kos/kosstories/in-jou-junie-julie-2012-uitgawe-van-sarie-kos-ook-vir-mans) where I'm getting loads of inspiration from!

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