July 23, 2012

holiday wear

It's a bit early to start thinking about your holiday packing, you might say. But the truth is, I like to plan ahead. Really, I do. I like to decide at night what I'm going to wear the next day. I like to plan an outfit for an event as soon as the invite has landed in my inbox or mailbox. I like to plan ahead for what I'll be wearing in the new season, and I want to plan what I pack when I go away - especially if I want what I wear to make me feel and look amazing.

I've done my research on the trends for Spring/ Summer 2012/ 2013 and am already scouting shops and SALES for items that I can wear when the new season hits. My next step, is to plan my holiday wear...

Now lets assume, being the stylish person you are, you know what the basics are. Therefor, my next series of  posts will be about the "special" pieces that will go into your suitcase.

My 8 "feel-&-look-amazing-holiday-items" are:

1. A sleek & cool holiday bikini, monokini or swimsuit
2. A great cover-up
3. Something animal print
4. Grecian inspired sandals
5. A colourful print dress or pants - if you prefer
6. Something white
7. A little black dress
8. Something Aquatic

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