August 21, 2012

holiday packing post #8: The Final (And Most Important) Item(s) - THE SWIMSUIT

No holiday is a holiday without spending some time in your swimsuit and/ or your bikini, on the beach or by the pool. But finding that perfect suit is quite challenging for the most of us, most of the time.

There are a few basic principles to keep in mind when buying your swimwear. Most lycra and lycra-blends tend to stretch when wet, so rather buy your suit a little tight than too loose. (Unless you never go into the water, then buy the size that fits properly and doesn't squeeze anywhere).

Before hitting the shops to buy a suit, go for a spray tan/ apply self-tan, shave your legs & underarms, and get a bikini wax. The changing room spotlights are bad enough, you don't want to leave feeling depressed and unhappy!

To flatter a small chest: wear a padded top, twisted top or a top with ruffles along the top edge.
To flatter a very large bust: structure is key (wear underwire!) and look for a style with wider and if possible, even adjustable straps. Also look for a cup which is seamed and has a thick sturdy lining as this will all help to shape and lift. Be sure to check your sides. Do the armholes offer enough coverage? 

To flatter a straight, "stick like" figure: choose a suit with design detail to lend "shape" to the figure. Ruffles, ruching, a bold print - all can make you appear more shapely. Avoid plain, solid colours and vertical stripes at all costs.
To flatter full hips & thighs: try and focus attention on the upper half of your body with details above the waist. Look for a deep neckline, embellishments and/ or great colour detail on the top. Avoid boy shorts or bottoms with details.

To flatter a tummy: a tankini (vest-like top and bikini bottoms) works best. Choose a style that skims over the middle. Also opt for a thick and sturdy fabric. Some ruching at the side seam will disguise tummy flab or choose to buy a top that have built in control panels.

The key to finding the right suit is to try on...and try on...and try on. Try different shops, different sizes and different styles until you get to know what works and what doesn't work for your body. As soon as you know exactly what to look for with regard to a swimsuit style, you will easily be able to pick the right colour and size.

This wraps up our series of 8 "Holiday Packing" posts!
A quick recap of what should be in your suitcase:
1. A sleek & cool holiday bikini, monokini or swimsuit
2. A great cover-up
3. Something animal print
4. Grecian inspired sandals
5. Colourful print pants (or a dress, if you prefer)
6. Something white
7. A little black dress
8. Something Aquatic

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