August 29, 2012

Hout Couture @ InBloom

One of the latest additions to the stylish InBloom-product selection is a proudly South African brand, Hout Couture. Always trying to support local manufacturers & fashion houses first, I was too thrilled to place the first order of these "fun-in-the-African-sun"-shades.

Here's a closer look at this magnificent 'Fashion With Roots'-brand: 

WOOD is timeless and proudly displays its past in all its bumps and knots. Every pair of wooden Hout Couture sunglasses bears these unique patterns and grains, each as individual as those who choose to wear them.

‘Hout’, meaning ‘wood’, in Afrikaans, is an essential element to these sunglasses which are manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa.

Skilled workmanship of the wooden frames ensures that they are a breathable, lightweight, durable and an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. Polarized lenses come standard - but premium Carl Zeiss lenses are now available too (Please request these lenses when you place your order at

And as an added bonus, for each pair of wooden sunglasses sold, an indigenous or fruit tree will be planted through Eco-Schools projects in South Africa.

Available in 3 high-fashion styles (all of which are stocked by InBloom): the Wayfarer (unisex), the Cat Eye and the Ramsey (unisex). Contact for a fitting, to buy, to order or to find out more...

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