August 17, 2012

ThisOldThing @ InBloom

ThisOldThing is a (relatively) new, fresh and proudly South African range of Fashionarries.

They do exclusive, seasonal, costume jewelry & leather handbag ranges. Their items are high fashion and only a limited number of units are available per season, making them very popular, high in demand and quick sellers.

Apart from using only the finest, genuine materials they can find, their workmanship and quality are of a superior standard.

ThisOldThing is the latest addition to the already glamorous InBloom product mix, and we are SO very excited about this brand! The stock is amazing and sells out quicker than you can say "What, ThisOldThing?".

 Keep your eye on both the InBloom Facebook Page as well as the ThisOldThing Facebook Page for updates on new stock and special posts!

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