February 28, 2013


Yay! The last day of Summer (28 February) is finally here!

Make way tank tops, shorts and plakkies - its the boots, scarves & coats season! Whoo hoo!
This year, I've added ANOTHER awesome range to the gorgeous InBloom collection: UGG Australia boots.

Classic Short 2100ZAR

Classic Cardy 1700ZAR

Bailey Button Mini 2500ZAR

The styles available in SA are gorgeous (choose between the Classic Mini, Classic Short, Classic Short Sparkles, Classic Tall, Bailey Button, Bailey Button Mini, Bailey Button Triplet, Bailey Charms or the Classic Cardy) and prices range between R 1600 and R 2700.

Send enquiries and/ or orders to info@inbloom.co.za

Your Style

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have been born with good taste and style or to have grown up under the guidance of a mentor, for example a mom or aunt who just knows how to dress.

If you feel that you lack a natural sense of color and design, there are a few tools that you can utilize, manipulate and try to enhance your own style of dress.

The first tool to equip yourself with is "Know your body". What is your body shape and which styles flatter this shape? Which styles should you avoid?

A second tool is "Know on what to spend/ save". I believe (and it works, ask my clients) that you should spend on the timeless classics that will make up the base of your wardrobe. The base for every individual will differ according to her lifestyle. I recommend that you save on the garment and shoe fads that come in and go out after just a season or two.

A third tool is to "Find your inspiration". Be it someone you know or a celebrity style muse (remember, most of them have permanently employed stylists who analyze trends and work around the clock to plan and find the perfect outfit to wear). Look at what this muse wears and identify what it is that you like about her style? The use of colors? The outfit combinations? The use of accessories? Try to narrow it down and start applying this to your own ensembles.

To develop style means to find the perfect balance between:
1. What suits your height, shape and age
2. What's currently in fashion
3. And which looks are appropriate for what occasions.

You can easily do this WITHOUT becoming a slave to fashion. It might feel like a lot of effort at first, but as soon as you get over the initial planning phase it gets so much easier and more natural.

You can always consult a professional if you feel really clueless and just need a push in the right direction. It will be an investment in yourself. After all, when a woman looks good, she feels good. And when she feels really, really good, she can accomplish ANYthing!

February 26, 2013


Ladies, get your hands on these "outjies" from Hunter:

The Romilly Ballet Flat.

This extremely lightweight, moulded ballerina flat is the perfect wardrobe rescuer. Available in a rainbow-spectrum of colors to suit every personality (only yellow, pink and mint available is SA) - these are simple, seamless & sexy!


February 18, 2013

feel good; look good

Equally as important as looking good, is feeling good. With Winter upon us, here's a few "beat-the-flu" tips I'll be applying this Winter to stay feeling good.

1. Get enough sleep. At least 8 hours per night for grown-ups. (Click here for the recommended hours of sleep for children 

2. Even though it's chilly out, do get some exercise.

3. Avoid sugar as much as possible. The process your body goes through to break down sugar decreases the ability of your immune system to fight germs and viruses.

4. You might not feel so thirsty as when it is hot, but remember to make a point of drinking as much water. It keeps your membranes hydrated and healthy.

5. Reduce levels of stress as much as possible. If you know that you are easily stressed out, you should put a Stress Management system in place to help you cope with the stresses of life more effectively.

6. Wash your hands very often. Germs spread through the air too, so also avoid overcrowded places with poor ventilation as much as possible in Winter.

7. Up your intake immune-boosting foods like:
brightly colored fruits & veggies
raw/ lightly cooked garlic
green tea
cayenne pepper high in Vitamin A

8. Believe it or not, but the sauna/ steam room is great during Winter as the germs causing a flu-virus cannot survive in very warm, moist air. BUT avoid if someone in there is coughing constantly...just to be safe!

9. Natural remedies like tinctures of Colloidal Silver (which a strong natural antibiotic & has anti-viral properties) and Elderberry (a good anti-oxidant) can also be used.

A normal cold/ flu should not last longer than 7 to 10 days. If you do not get better, take special measures to ensure you get enough quality rest and to boost your immune system. Alternatively, visit your health care practitioner.

February 13, 2013

Hunter snap shots

At InBloom I only choose brands to stock that I truly love and wear/ use myself. Of all my brands, Hunter is probably one of my favorites. Look at these images, taken from Instagram, of Hunter fans loving their Hunters just as much as I do.