February 18, 2013

feel good; look good

Equally as important as looking good, is feeling good. With Winter upon us, here's a few "beat-the-flu" tips I'll be applying this Winter to stay feeling good.

1. Get enough sleep. At least 8 hours per night for grown-ups. (Click here for the recommended hours of sleep for children 

2. Even though it's chilly out, do get some exercise.

3. Avoid sugar as much as possible. The process your body goes through to break down sugar decreases the ability of your immune system to fight germs and viruses.

4. You might not feel so thirsty as when it is hot, but remember to make a point of drinking as much water. It keeps your membranes hydrated and healthy.

5. Reduce levels of stress as much as possible. If you know that you are easily stressed out, you should put a Stress Management system in place to help you cope with the stresses of life more effectively.

6. Wash your hands very often. Germs spread through the air too, so also avoid overcrowded places with poor ventilation as much as possible in Winter.

7. Up your intake immune-boosting foods like:
brightly colored fruits & veggies
raw/ lightly cooked garlic
green tea
cayenne pepper high in Vitamin A

8. Believe it or not, but the sauna/ steam room is great during Winter as the germs causing a flu-virus cannot survive in very warm, moist air. BUT avoid if someone in there is coughing constantly...just to be safe!

9. Natural remedies like tinctures of Colloidal Silver (which a strong natural antibiotic & has anti-viral properties) and Elderberry (a good anti-oxidant) can also be used.

A normal cold/ flu should not last longer than 7 to 10 days. If you do not get better, take special measures to ensure you get enough quality rest and to boost your immune system. Alternatively, visit your health care practitioner.

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