March 20, 2013

a very affordable range

Brand spanking new from Thandana, the hessian & leather range just revealed! What makes this home grown range even more of a winner is the affordable price.

Large Travel Bag Hessian Birds in Flight @ 900ZAR

Medium Travel Bag Hessian Birds from Above @ 800ZAR

Hessian and Leather Traveler @ 1200ZAR

Utility Bag Hessian Birds in Flight @ 440ZAR

Double Decker Hessian @ 500ZAR

March 8, 2013

Shopping Spree

Our March Special is an awesome one!

Book a 2 hour personal shopping-service session with me and only pay for the first hour @ R 490!
The 2nd hour is for free!

Visit our website for more on what a personal shopping session is and how it works. All enquiries can be sent to

Personal Shopping Sessions are booked for IN ADVANCE. The minimum amount to spend on a shopping trip is R 1500. Travel charged extra for shopping destinations further than 40km away.

March 5, 2013

Winter Flash Report

As you may/ may not know, Paris Fashion Week is currently on for Fall/ Winter 2014, BUT it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the trends emerging there. If you know whats coming you can better plan your purchases and get much more from the items in your wardrobe for much longer.

Some of my favorite emerging trends so far...
Heeled Brogues
Plush White knits and shirts
Eye prints/ embroidery on garments
Large bows
Winter Textures
Loose Tailoring (most garments seem to be slightly oversized!)