Wardrobe Services

Womens's Only
Wardrobe Consultations
2 and 3 hour bookings
@ R 580 per hour

The exact time depends on your needs, your budget or the size & condition of your wardrobe.
The process starts with an in-depth questionnaire via email to establish your exact wardrobe needs & goals.
Your wardrobe stylist will either meet you for a cup of coffee to discuss  any prior preparations that need to be done by you and how we will proceed at your home, or she can assign these tasks via email, whichever you prefer.

On the day of your wardrobe session, you and your wardrobe stylist will go through your closet(s) TOGETHER. This is a very exciting exercise and clients enjoy it so much to have a look at their own closets with new eyes.

By keeping your predetermined wardrobe-goals in mind, you and your wardrobe stylist will decide on:
-items to stay,
-items to fix/ have altered,
-items to sell/ donate to charity and
-basic items that are missing & need to be added onto your shopping list, for future purchases.

During your wardrobe session, you may be required to try some items on. You will have complete privacy when doing so.