Women's Shopping

Personal Shopping @
R580 per hour if accompanied by the client
R780 per hour if unaccompanied

Personal Shopping Sessions are booked for IN ADVANCE.
The minimum amount to spend on a shopping trip is R2500.
Travel charged extra for shopping destinations further than 30km away.

A brief meeting will establish a complete understanding of your wardrobe needs, your lifestyle, your budget and your general preferences with regard to clothing and where you prefer to shop. In the shops you will receive advice on styles, colours & outfit combinations.

If unaccompanied by the client, garments will, in most cases, be taken on appro by your stylist and brought to the comfort of your home for trying on and deciding. Should the shop, boutique or designer not permit appros, your garments will either be carefully set aside and kept for you in store or purchased and delivered to your home, depending on your arrangement with your shopper.

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